Le Quinzième

In his cooking, Cyril Lignac expresses a modern version of traditional French gastronomy. Uninhibited, graphic and uncomplicated cuisine that is also generous and authentic. The chef’s leitmotiv, applied with and by all his team, is to highlight the very best of local and regional produce and showcase the work of small-scale producers and artisans.

It is this vision of a balance between modernity and tradition that Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty, two talented interior designers from Studio KO, set out to reproduce for this Michelin-starred venue of fine food.

The two of them, who share Cyril Lignac’s affection for light smooth lines, endeavoured to create a cocoon-style interior that is both cosy and contemporary.

In the dining room, the warmth of velour-upholstered bench seats sits easily with the mineral-style modernity of walls in black mosaic. The tablecloths and tables are chic and add new light to the restaurant’s hushed atmosphere. The flattering evening lamp fixtures turn softer and gentler as they delicately shroud diners, seemingly leaving the star role to the food and the comings and goings in the kitchens, partly visible through a wide bay window.

14, rue Cauchy
75015 Paris
+33(0)1 45 54 43 43